Nym video!

After 30c3, I was inspired by some friends to create a video series introducing nyms and many of the aspects I’ve explored in talks and writing. If you like this video and want to see more, let me know! I’ll do my best to expand into all the topics this covers.

NymRights on WCBN Ann Arbor!

Long time no update, but we’ve been busy!

Today I was on “Interactive Technologies” on Ann Arbor’s 88.3 FM WCBN to discuss online identity and NymRights. Lots of great discussion, even though we only had half an hour. Hopefully we’ll get to discuss things on the show again soon!
Link to the show: http://it.sensoryresearch.net/thoughtconduit/archive?id=1711

Also, wanted to give a shoutout to Dazza Greenwood, for his fantastic work on the “Nym Positive” names policy we’re starting to promote. Remember, it’s on github which means anyone canmake a pull request:

We’re also laying the groundwork for a nym related study:

NymRights info flyer!

Have you tried to teach people about NymRights and gotten the response “What’s a nym”? This info flyer is designed to help explain things. It offers basic definitions, and helps answer some common questions.

Full Page                                            Quarter Sheet

nymrights-flyer-image    nymrights-flyer-image

Upcoming events fall 2013

Two upcoming events will feature a NymRights related talk:

OHM2013 (Netherlands): July 31-August 4
“The Secret of Nym”: There is currently an effort in many countries to create an identity registry for internet use. In this talk we’ll discuss the newly formed organization, Nym Rights, created to empower people rather than control them. We’ll also explore the nature of names and identity, work to dispel various myths about why people use names online, and show how you can join the effort for free speech and self-expression.

(Atlanta, GA): August 30-Sep 2
NymRights panel with lawyer Sarah Downey. Title TBA