NymRights March 16 meeting notes

Oh hai!

We had a NymRights meeting this past saturday, and wound up covering a lot of important topics.

  • I’ve been talking with Burning Man about their names policy for their Profiles page. It turns out they are open to discussion, so we are now working with them to create a better policy.
  • We’ve decided to create a few use cases for nyms to present at the next IDESG plenary. The use cases we’re covering are “playanyms” (for Burning Man), “gaming avatars”, “adult viewing”, and “human rights issues.” All of those are important, and will set the groundwork for more ideas and education.
  • Started editing the Wiki for use cases: https://www.idecosystem.org/wiki/Use_Cases
  • We’ve also decided to change the name of the in-NSTIC group name from “Nym Rights” to “Nym Issues.” This comes after feedback that NymRights takes a position, while Nym Issues is a more neutral term.
  • Finally, we came up with a list of people to reach out to for the next IDESG plenary.

It was a great time, and hopefully we’ll be doing another one next month!


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