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NymRights workshop at 29c3

We will be having a “Nym Rights” workshop at 29c3, at 4pm on Day 3 in the Milliways assembly area (0x2g). If you are at the conference, please join our discussion!

Nym Rights is focused on making sure people are allowed to use their name of choice on the Internet. It is a derivative of the “nymwars” saga, wherein people were blocked from Google Plus for using names deemed “not real enough.” Nym Rights takes a new direction, focusing on enabling free speech and self-expression, making a positive effort to education the world on what a “nym” is and why recognizing nyms is important.

To further this effort, we’re creating a “Nym Rights” working group within NSTIC, a National Institute of Standards and Technology affiliated project targeted at online identity standards.

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