Update from the Phoenix Plenary

Weeeeee’re back!

Thanks to the support of several people involved in IDESG (especially Bob Blakely), I was able to make the Phoenix IDESG plenary (large group discussion) for the first day. Thanks to interest from multiple parties (especially the Privacy Committee) we were able to have a four hour long discussion about NymRights and potential integration within NSTIC.

Among those joining the discussion in our group were myself, Eno, Angelique, Kaliya Hamlin, Bob Blakely, Jim Elste, Brett McDowell, and several others who I can’t remember. It was a very productive and educational discussion. We covered topics including but not limited to:

  • #nymwars (turns out most people still don’t know about that!)
  • Some terminology clarification– for example, “legal name” as opposed to “real name”
  • use cases, and examples of real, regular people who need or otherwise use nyms
  • How names are legally handled in the US versus other countries– the German law for pseudonyms came up, as well as McIntyre vs Ohio Election Commissions.
  • How NymRights might fit into IDESG/NSTIC.

After lots of discussion, pretty much everyone agreed that NymRights *is* an important issue to take into account, and we moved to step 2, figuring out how to integrate it within IDESG. This is going to be a much longer process, as there are many moving parts. But the good news is, we made progress, and people are listening!


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