Jan 16 Nymrights Meeting notes

We had a #nymrights meeting at sudo room attended by myself, Kaliya, woah, and Troy. We went over the basics of what nyms are, what NSTIC is, and what NymRights is all about. Our group also informally “voted” for me (aestetix) to be the Chair/leader of our working group within NSTIC. I’ve attached Kaliya’s rather unique and innovative notetaking style here to give an idea of all of what was discussed. Also,  thanks to woah for fine-tuning our new logo 🙂

We’ll likely be having some more discussion before I go to Shmoocon to give my talk, and of course, a report-back on how my talk goes.

Discussion of the structure of NSTIC:


The types of communities NSTIC is intended to serve/benefit:


Discussion on how to grow community:


Action items for the near future:



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